Our company was established in 1995 in order to manufacture and market of textile auxiliary chemicals and we have been continuing our business activity every since. Our working mission and policy are to support our customers with required technical services in their dye-house applications such as pretreatment dyeing and finishing processes. While rendering our services our priority is to combine the effectiveness of chemical auxiliaries with the engineering solutions to provide the dye-house personnel with the economical and effective tailor-made chemicals and the mode of process. We also get feedback and technical knowledge from our customers while we develop our products and processes. As Özgün Kimya Chemical Company, cost effective high quality products and quick response to requirements are amongst our priorities and working principles. We always choose the right suppliers to further standardize the quality in raw materials so that our end products are cost effective and remarkably economical. Finally environment and work security are also amongst our priorities in order that our products are environmentally friendly and safe to handle.

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